Why choose our Trip Support services

Team Trip Ownership System

  • 5+ years of Trip Support experience and over 10,000 trip legs facilitated
  • Dedicated Trip Coordinators with overall 5+ years experience on every team
  • All Skyblue Trip Coordinators have either CPL or Flight Dispatch qualifications
  • Each Customer gets a dedicated Trip Coordinator for a 24×7 personalised service

Quality Control

  • All our trips are processed using our 30-step quality control checklist

Fair Pricing

  • We only charge you for Permits that are actually required
  • We do not charge you any Bank Fees or Communications fees
  • We do not charge you for Trip Cost Estimates (TCEs)
  • We do not charge you for test Flight Plans

One-page TCEs

  • Our TCEs are designed to give details of all your trip costs in one easy-to-read page

Trip Support Knowledge Base

  • Industry-leading worldwide data source built from past trip support experience and close ground handler/vendor relationships
  • Information for over 20,000 airports and heliports, plus thousands of FBOs/handlers, hotels, catering companies, and more
  • Permits, waiver, visa, customs and quarantine requirements for countries worldwide
  • Updated continuously, 24/7

Easy Credit

  • Simplified credit approval process
  • Fuel and Handling on credit at over 2500 locations worldwide