Our Carnet Card USP

Significant Cost Savings and Rebates

  • Fuel Savings start from your first liter – no volume requirements
  • Save up to 3% on Fuel at select locations with our volume discounts
  • Savings on Handling, Hotel Charges etc.

 Complimentary Services

  • No setup, transaction or annual fees

Universal Acceptance

  • Cashless card  services at over 80 India locations and over 4000 world-wide locations

Fuel Uplift Control 

  • Complimentary Fuel Uplift Control and Tankering analysis for our Skyblue PLUS customers
  • Recommend Fuel Uplifts at locations where Fuel is cheaper (Fuel Tankering)
  • Restrict Fuel Uplift to Flight Plan fuel
  • Track reasons for extra fuel uplift (Ex. Weather at Destination, Expected Arrival Delays)

 Easy Top-Ups

  • Easy top-ups through Wire Transfers, Cash/Cheque/Draft Payments

Quality Control

  • All our fuel uplifts and trips are processed using our 30-step quality control checklist
  • Prompt refueling services

Easy Credit

  • Simplified credit approval process
  • Fuel and Handling on credit for International Operations at over 4000 world-wide locations