Commercial Aviation

Advising full service, low cost and regional airlines on major commercial decisions

Skyblue works on behalf of full service, low cost and regional airlines, primarily on the strategic, commercial and financial areas of the business. We work with both established airlines and start ups. Our support can help airlines identify the right strategy. We assist in securing finance for expansion, and develop detailed, robust business plans for airlines.

We also provide services to airline shareholders, potential investors and debt providers, reviewing airline strategy and business plans. We recognise that what works well for one airline or in one geographic market may not be appropriate elsewhere. We look at each airline with a fresh perspective, rather than putting forward standard solutions.

Our core team of aviation professionals is supported by a range of senior associates. Our associates provide specialist expertise in the areas such as cargo, regulation, interim management as well as in depth knowledge of the airline industry in South Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle Eastern Regions.

  • Traffic Planning & Route Development
  • Feasibility Studies & Business Planning
  • Network Strategy
  • Route Development
  • Airline Start-ups
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Airline Management and Staffing
  • Reservations and Yield Management

Traffic Planning & Route Development
Skyblue works with a dedicated forecasting team of industry professionals, with extensive international traffic forecast experience. Assignments range from forecasting a single route to producing long term traffic forecasts for a whole region, airline or airport group. Our forecasts are often used in support of acquisition bids or financing/refinancing. We have experience of presenting our forecasts to banks, and are familiar with the types of questions typically asked. Our forecasts mix intellectual rigour (including in depth statistical analysis) with detailed practical knowledge of the aviation industry. Unlike other oganisations, we avoid a “black box” style approach. The particular circumstances drive the forecasting approach adopted. Finally, we actively seek views from stakeholders such as tourist bodies, development agencies, base airlines, travel agents etc. This ensures the results from the forecasting exercises have a solid grounding. Our clients also value the insights our work provides as well as the actual traffic forecasts. Typically, we provide an analysis of the key drivers of traffic growth –and how sensitive the forecasts are to changes in these key drivers.

Feasibility Study and Business Planning:
Studies can be produced to cover virtually every aspect of the industry, from market appraisal, aircraft selection, and start-up, to legislation, maintenance and new route development. Fixed price quotes are given whenever possible, and the package can be customised to meet budget expectations. Interim reporting allows termination if findings suggest a negative outcome. Full business plans can be produced with statistical and financial forecasts covering a five year period. Skyblue has established a solid reputation for objectivity and accuracy.

Our Scope of Services include:

  1. Network strategy (including detailed evaluation of new routes)
  2. Fleet evaluations (size and shape decisions)
  3. Operational feasibility assessments
  4. Review of regulatory requirements
  5. Development of business plan
  6. Exploration of different financing vehicles
  7. Building of financing models
  8. Benchmark of world class cost performance in airline sector
  9. Detailed aircraft performance studies
  10. Route Development

Aircraft Acquisition
When you are looking to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will conduct a worldwide market search to identify the best possible opportunities in the market place to acquire an aircraft best suited to your mission and budget, at the best possible price.  Our acquisition expertise includes:

  1. Pricing and valuation of pre-owned aircraft
  2. Maintenance and inspection issues
  3. Contract terms
  4. Deposit structures
  5. New aircraft pricing negotiation
  6. Negotiation of liquidated damages
  7. Privacy protection

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Airline Startups
One of Skyblue’s key strengths is in managing start-ups. Our consultants have been instrumental in covering such undertakings, ranging from small executive operations through to full domestic and international airlines. Considerable experience has been gained in working with clients in the developing world.

Airline Management and Staffing
Skyblue advises on the optimum organisational and management structure for an airline and can assist in setting out required management qualifications. In many cases, a new department or division will require short-term postholder expertise during the transition to staffing by the client’s own personnel. Skyblue is able to provide Postholder support and recruit necessary personnel for this phase of development.

Corporate Strategy                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our Scope of Services includes:

  1. Strategic advice
  2. Market size studies
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Identification of potential aircraft (and procurement options)
  5. Development of high level financial models
  6. Appraisal of financing options

Reservations and Yield Management
At the heart of the airline is its ability to sell seats through its reservation system. The right system depends on company size, route structure, and services. If it is correctly adapted and configured, the system will ensure maximum load factors and yields. Skyblue is able to set up a complete reservations system.