Working with clients at each stage of the project process, from inception through to operation

  • Traffic Planning & Route Development
  • Master Planning & Project Evaluation
  • Infrastructure Planning & Development
  • Financing Options
  • Program Management, Implementation and Delivery
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies

Traffic Planning & Route Development
Skyblue works with a dedicated forecasting team of industry professionals, with extensive international traffic forecast experience. Assignments range from forecasting a single route to producing long term traffic forecasts for a whole region, airline or airport group.

Our forecasts are often used in support of acquisition bids or financing/refinancing. We have experience of presenting our forecasts to banks, and are familiar with the types of questions typically asked. Our forecasts mix intellectual rigour (including in depth statistical analysis) with detailed practical knowledge of the aviation industry. Unlike other organisations, we avoid a “black box” style approach. The particular circumstances drive the forecasting approach adopted.

Our clients also value the insights our work provides as well as the actual traffic forecasts. Typically, we provide an analysis of the key drivers of traffic growth –and how sensitive the forecasts are to changes in these key drivers.

Masterplanning and Project Evaluation

Investment in airport infrastructure is a major commitment. It is vital that facilities meet the needs of the market that they serve, whilst retaining sufficient flexibility to accommodate changes to that market. Working closely with our traffic forecasting team, we align not only the number of passengers (peak and annual) to infrastructure development but also the mix and type of traffic that is forecast to use the facility.
Using modelling techniques, benchmarking databases and experience, we derive required capabilities across the airport, including the airfield, terminal and related activities (eg. car parking). We can develop detailed high level layouts that can be used to inform the development of cost effective, ‘fit for purpose’ and profitable infrastructure.

Infrastructure Planning & Development

Cost effective and ‘fit for purpose’ infrastructure is the key to profitable airport development. Working closely with our clients, Skyblue can assist in specifying the appropriate level of airport infrastructure and the timing of its implementation.

We provide support at each stage of the project process, from inception to commissioning and operation. This includes ensuring that new developments are not only operationally efficient but commercially optimised so that they can be successfully financed.

Financing Options
We assess the range of options for financing an airport’s development, identifying what is most appropriate for the airport concerned. This can include private sector involvement, ranging from concessions through to BOT- type structures to outright privatisation. Additionally, we have extensive experience of working with banks and other providers of finance.

Program Management, Implementation and Delivery
We provide client interface or program management services that ensure that our clients’ interests and needs are accommodated within individual airport projects. This is distinct from project management in that, through working closely with the respective project managers, we can ensure that the overall work plan is coordinated, risks are identified and mitigation strategies developed. Without effective program management, a lack of co-ordination can result in poorly scoped projects with resulting time and cost overruns. Within our team we have a number of experience airport infrastructure program managers who understand in detail how cost effective capacity can be delivered within a live airport environment.

Airport network development and gap analysis
Passengers are the lifeblood of an airport and increasing their numbers through a targeted and effective route development strategy is key to securing long term growth. Working on behalf of airports or government clients, Skyblue can effectively engage with airlines in developing new air routes. Our experience and contacts allows us to access the key decision makers within airline commercial departments, allowing us to present convincing and credible arguments for route development to maximum effect.

Active route development is fundamental to the success of a regional airport business. Without a knowledgeable, analytically focused and experienced team, prospective airline customers will not engage. Our highly experienced team comprises route development specialists from both airlines and airports. Our route development process is multi-staged. Initial benchmarking studies will identify gaps in your current network and determine the target market and the ideal airlines to fill that market. We will then develop a convincing proposition that encourages commercial engagement and gets the deal done.