World Class Teaching Methods

Studying at SAA is quite exciting. It facilitates all round personality development. The teaching methods adopted for the Diploma and Degree programs are such as to promote multi-disciplinary inquiry and practical appreciation of problems. The method of teaching involves lectures, discussions, individual and group exercises, role plays, case studies and project work.

There is a high degree of interaction between the students and the teachers in the classroom. This is largely facilitated by the fact that at course commencement, each student is given a set of reading materials containing the course outline, teaching plan, reading lists and a fairly large volume of study materials in respect of each course. They consist of case studies, articles and excerpts from reports. With this material, the students are expected to come prepared for the classes and actively participate in classroom discussions. Faculty at the SAA is very accessible. With an excellent faculty-student ratio, the SAA provides an exciting opportunity for the students to interact with the teachers and their colleagues. Students will be evaluated continually by way of closed book and open book quizzes culminating in a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.