Why Aircraft Management?

Why Aircraft Management Makes Good Business Sense…

You own an aircraft, it should not own you!

If you are interested in eliminating the stress that comes with aircraft ownership, you may want to consider a Turnkey Management arrangement with an Aircraft Management Company. Under this type of partnership, all you do is determine the use of your aircraft (where it flies and when) without all the day-to-day management and operational responsibilities.

Aircraft owners with existing in-house flight departments, which handle the maintenance and administrative responsibilities, may partner with an Aircraft Management Company specifically for the charter revenue opportunities. Such a program is referred to as Charter Management. By deriving incremental charter revenue, you will be able to lower your fixed costs.

Freedom from Management Responsibility
The more comprehensive aircraft management program, which we call Turnkey Management, uses the expertise of the aircraft management company to handle all the day-to-day details of owning an aircraft. Services include:

  • Technical services: Equipment maintenance, safety checks, repairs, hangaring
  • Crew management: Hiring, background checks, uniforms, payroll
  • Training: Programs for pilots, crew, maintenance and other staff
  • Security: Systems and procedures to secure facility, aircraft, crew and passengers
  • DGCA compliance: Tracking, auditing, and ensuring compliance with all regulations

As with the Charter Management arrangement, the aircraft management company can offer charter revenue opportunities with the Turnkey Management program also.