Turnkey Management

Trust your Private Aircraft to our Turnkey Management Services

Our Turnkey Management program is a service where Skyblue handles all the day-to-day details of managing your private aircraft.

Additionally, our Turnkey Management clients can potentially generate substantial revenue from their asset by accepting private air charter opportunities from Skyblue.

Privileges of Aircraft Ownership, Freedom from Responsibility

Enjoy all the benefits and control of owning your own aircraft, while knowing that your aircraft is entrusted to a partner whose standards of excellence are unsurpassed.

  • Customer Service: You are only one phone call away from flying your aircraft anytime you wish — with a dedicated customer service specialist ready to take care of every trip detail.
  • Maintenance: Your aircraft is maintained to peak condition. Minimize downtime and never worry about repairs, aircraft parts, maintenance or training… with your aircraft in the hands of a team of award-winning experts.
  • Safety and Security: All passengers and assets are protected by systems and controls that help assure lock-tight safety and security.
  • Human Resources: You never have to be bothered with any human resource functions from hiring and training to payroll and benefits. However, you always have final approval over the hiring of your aircraft crew.
  • Buying Power: We have the buying power to receive substantial discounts on fuel, insurance, maintenance and training. These discounts are always passed on to you.
  • Accounting: Simplify your aircraft financial management with statements and reports that are prepared, handled, and tracked to your specifications.

Unmatched Revenue Potential

As a Turnkey Management Client, you have the option of turning your asset into revenue by chartering your private aircraft when you’re not using it.

To determine if Turnkey Management is right for you, contact one of our Aircraft Management Experts.