Our Operational Standards

By adhering to the highest operational quality standards, Skyblue has redefined safety standards for Private Aviation. Skyblue combines the safety and training practices of the world’s leading commercial airlines with the comfort and convenience of private aviation.

Our Pilots do more than the mandated simulator training so that they are fully prepared to handle any kind of in-flight emergency.

We ensure that our aircraft operate with the least possible disruption or delay and that where services are disrupted or delayed these services are rescheduled with the least possible inconvenience to passengers consistent with safety, efficiency and service.

We ensure that Air Traffic Control, Overflying and Landing Clearances are obtained in time before every trip. We ensure that a Computerized Flight Plan (CFP), up-to-date Weather Reports and NOTAMS are used on all our trips.

Skyblue has designed its organization and policies to promote a culture of safety. Skyblue prohibits any risk-taking behavior which could jeopardize the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. Skyblue uses the same advanced Safety Management System (SMS) used by leading international airlines. The web-based integrated system tracks and analyzes compliance and safety issues raised anywhere in the company, anywhere in the world.

Skyblue follows a best-of-breed security program designed for VIPs. The program borrows heavily from the best practices of leading international airlines.