Air Charters

For corporate travel or for pleasure, private air charters from Skyblue are an ideal choice that virtually eliminates all the stresses of air travel. We have one of the largest charter fleets in the Northern Hemisphere and our charter offices are strategically located worldwide. No matter what your travel requirements, Skyblue will get you where you need to go on time and in comfort.

These are some of the charter programs that we offer.

  • Medical Charters: We understand that every moment is precious when it comes to saving a life. We have fully equipped aircraft standing by 24X7 in all the key markets to transport people requiring critical care to the nearest available hospital facility.
  • Corporate Charters: For Corporates, a charter aircraft is a Time Machine. Not surprisingly, some of World’s best-known corporates, industrialists, celebrities and politicians have begun to value the flexibility and time saved. More are joining their ranks everyday. We will ensure that you arrive and depart at times that suit you best. You can make as many halts as you wish enabling you to visit multiple sites in a single day. You will enjoy total privacy and can work while you fly, or relax in comfort. You can arrive minutes before the departure thereby saving valuable time on ground.
  • Tourism Charters: We offer you a luxurious and hassle free way to reach hard-to-reach destinations. So whether you are an honeymooner, foreign tourist or just someone wanting to experience a new way of travel, we have just the right aircraft to whisk you away to a dream holiday.
  • Film Shoot Charters: We offer aerial shoot solutions to film production crews.
  • Pilgrimage Charters: We offer you a luxurious and hassle free way to reach hard-to-reach pilgrimage destinations.